Ends on August 30, 2019

$100.00 USD

AIA Philadelphia 2019 Exhibition

Digital board templates are due by Friday, August 30, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. Please see below regarding information about board specifications. 

The exhibit will be on display at Cherry Street Pier during the DesignPhiladelphia Festival (Oct. 2 - 13), during the Design Awards Celebration at the Fillmore on Thursday, December 5, 2019, and at the Center for Architecture + Design.

Board Specs  

  1. AIA Philadelphia will: Handle all logistics, printing, and courier services of all exhibit boards.
  2. Description of Entry: Entry is limited to 36" x 24" panels only. Panels will have 4 cut-out slits placed 6” from each corner. Each slit should measure 3” deep, with a tapered opening 9/16” wide to 7/16” wide, see template for location. If the template is not followed and cut-out slit locations are incorrect, the submitting firm will be notified and asked to resubmit the digital file. Boards will be printed on 1/2" thick FOAM CORE to reduce warping and ensure proper interlocking of all boards.
  3. Font Requirement: You may use any font of your choosing as long as the text is changed to outlines.
  4. Digital File Templates: Illustator and InDesign templates have been created to help guide you in designing your board. Please be sure to download a template and enter your content into clean Design Layer, not the layer that contains the instructions and guides. Prior to creating the PDF of your exhibit board, please be sure to turn off or delete the Guide Layer. All digital board templates must be uploaded with your submission prior to the deadline of 11:59 p.m. Friday, August 30, 2019. 
  5. Installation & Dismantling: Installation and dismantling will be handled by AIA Philadelphia staff and volunteers and will take place at Bok (1901 S. 9th Street - install October 3, dismantle on October 13) and at the Center for Architecture and Design (1218 Arch Street – install on October 14 and dismantle on November 15). No modifications to the exhibit will be permitted during the course of the show, regardless of the reason. You must ensure that pertinent permission for exhibition and/or publication from clients is obtained prior to entry of your materials.
  6. Display: Location of panels within the exhibition system is strictly by random order. We will make every effort to place firm’s boards together. 

Exhibit Template (InDesign + Illustrator)
Exhibit board sample

Submission Process

Step 1: Create Profile
Create a new username and password.
If you are submitting more than one entry, you will be prompted for a payment at the end of each submission. Your contact information will pre-populate in each new entry you begin.
Click Save Address and Continue to begin your first entry.

Step 2: Submit Your Entry

  • Enter your Company Name, Membership Type, Contact Name, and Email Address.
  • Enter your Project Title.
  • Enter the name of the Architecture Firm and your photographer.
  • Upload your exhibit board template digital file. PDF files only.
  • Complete the submission form and check out. You will pay for each of your board submissions individually. The price to submit a board to the exhibit is $100.