Submission Requirements:
1. The Architecture Firm must make the submission and must be a member firm of AIA Philadelphia.
2. Please only submit homes that have been designed in the last 10 years. This can include new construction or renovation projects.
3. A maximum of three (3) homes/units may be submitted from any one firm. Only one home or unit per firm will be chosen to be on the Home Tours.
4. Projects must be substantially complete by the date of submission. Projects must be furnished and landscaped to be photographed for publication.
5. Houses that are for sale at the time of submission will not be considered. AIA Philadelphia staff must be notified as soon as possible if the house is chosen and is for sale between selection and the Home Tours.

Eligibility and Authorship:
It is the goal of the AIA Philadelphia Board of Directors that the tours showcase architectural designs by licensed architects and AIA Philadelphia members that demonstrate the value of hiring an architect, and the value of the collaborative process between architects, homeowners, and design professionals.
All entries must be submitted by a firm principal who is a registered Architect, current member of AIA Philadelphia, and who is ultimately responsible for the project design.

If you have any questions, please email Julianne Foley, AIA Philadelphia Director of Membership & Events at

AIA Philadelphia